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The most Powerful Semi- precious Gem Stones

There are as many semi–precious gem stones as the precious ones. Of all the gems, the following are considered more suspicious and fortunate gems.

These are
Turquoise, Peridot, Tourmaline, Topaz, Amethyst, Rock Crystal, Moonstone, Garnet, Neeli, Aquamarine, Jade, Blood Stone, Lapis Lazuli, Kidney Stone, Amber, Agate, Jaichint, Green Onyx and Malachite

1) Turquoise
This is one of the semi-precious stones and it was believed that Venus and Saturn are its rulers. Chemically it is the hydrous phosphate of alumina, coloured by a copper compound an account of its water content. A good turquoise is sky Blue in colour.

It emits healing radiation, the shade of Greenish Blue. The stone can protect the wearer from injury by falling. It will draw upon itself the evil that threatens its weather. Unfortunately if any evil is to come to the native, the stone gets broken and the wearer is still protected. It has the power to protect against the evils and is a respected gem stone by Muslims. It is also a lovers’ fortunate gem. It keeps a couple intact. It is a fortunate gem for performing quick marriage. It is also lucky for horsemen and riders.

2) Peridot
It is Greenish in colour, chemically it is the silicate of magnesium and iron. It is ruled by Sun. Like turquoise it is a fortune stone for performing quick marriage and protecting the married life. It ensures a happy married life. This gem stone controls the epilepsy disease. It is also saves one from poisonous insects. Even if they bite, nothing would happen, and the object would be cured soon.
3) Tourmaline
There are different varieties available in different colours. It is the silicate and borate of alumina, magnesia and iron. Red, White, Green, Yellow and Blue can be used as substitutes for Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire and Blue Sapphire respectively. It improves one’s knowledge and promotes good education. It helps the native build good character, respect elders and be responsible.
4) Topaz
This stone stands for friendship and fidelity. It is available in White, Pink, Black, Yellow and Smoky colours. Yellow Topaz has magical powers. It is good for health. Its use protects one from a sudden or violent death. It is ruled by Sun. It is also helps in toning down negative feelings towards others, and cools down one’s temper. It sharpens the intelligence. It drives away nightmares and brings sound sleep. It can guard against injury by fire or accidents. It is a good amulet while travelling and helps one to overcome obstacles on the way. It ensures wealth. It cures eye, liver and kidney disorders and also lungs, nasal disorder, throat diseases and asthma.
5) Amethyst
This is a variety of quartz. Mars Saturn and Jupiter rule this. It is light to dark violet coloured gem. It works as a very effective substitute for Blue Sapphire. It is of iron and manganese oxide. It is an effective against alcohol and saves one from adverse effects of drunkenness. Amethyst controls violent and angry behaviour. It has the power to control evil thoughts. It protects the person and warns against enemies, sickness and danger. It can ward-off the evil eye and works as a charm against witchcraft and black magic.
6) Rock Crystal
It is White and clear like ice, with a shining White colour.
It prevents bad dreams. It fills women’s breasts with milk. The rays of Sun reflected by crystal have healing power for all eye troubles. These reflected rays should fall only on the body and not in the eyes. It gives good luck, knowledge and wisdom. It has curative power to cure diseases and even cancer.
7) Moon Stone
It is available in White cloudy colours. Inside the stone there is a glittering band which rolls when the stone is turned. This stone brings good fortune to the native. It has the mystical power of reconciling lovers who had parted in anger. It promises good fortune and success in the affairs of the heart. It can ward off epilepsy and protect the person against attack by hidden enemies. It cures mentally disturbed persons and promotes peace of mind. It is a powerful talisman when there is a danger of drowning. This is because of influence of moon upon the tides. It saves from accident in journey. It grants marital happiness. It brings together separated couples.
8) Garnet
Its colour ranges from a fine deep Red to a Ruby Red. Blackish red Garnet is regarded as the finest. Garnet ensures the victory of the wearer in the battle when it is used as a bullet. It brings fortune, health, name, fame and honour and success in travels. It keeps away bad dreams. It gives energy and strength to body. It gives success in the court cases. It cures depression and rheumatism. It controls bleeding
9) Neeli
As its name suggests it is Blue in colour. Saturn exercises power through it. It is the substitute of Blue Sapphire. It brings success, relief from financial crises and ensures good health to the wearer.
10) Aquamarine
This is of very light Greenish White colour. It is ruled by Venus and Mars. It is a fortunate stone for lovers. If one present this to another it gives them constant mind of love. It protects the sailor in the sea voyage. It promotes education and improves professional prospects.
11) Jade
This is of Green colour, but without brilliance or lustre. This is s lucky stone of the Chinese reputed to ensure good health and long life. There are two types of Jade. Jadeite and Nephrite. Jadeite is the silicate of sodium and aluminium. Nephrite is the silicate of calcium magnesium. It confers long life and a peaceful end. It is a powerful protector against accidents, diseases, witchcraft. It cures epilepsy and all internal complaints. It cures all diseases of kidney and was often referred to as the “ The Kidney Stone”. It strengthens lungs, heart and vocal organs. It is a powerful antidote against the poisonous bites of snakes and other animals. It relieves palpitations of the heart. It brings good luck.
12) Blood Stone
This stone is of dark Green colour with blood-like red spots on it. It cares all kinds of complaints wherein there was loss of blood. It cures bleeding. It protects the wearer from deception and ensures good health.
13) Lapis Lazuli
This is a stone ruled by Venus and Saturn. It is a soft stone of dark Blue colour. This promotes activeness. One gets success in cases related to land and properties, chronic diseases, allergies, blood pressure ailments, eye troubles, skin disease may be cured. It brings wealth and property, success in profession and domestic happiness. Women who suffer from stomach pain during menses time should wear this; it would cure their stomach – ache and keep them in good health.
14) Kidney Stone
Light Green in Colour, it is worn for disorder of kidney. It cures all Kidney disorders and promotes good health.
15) Amber
It protects health and reduces goitre. It relieves stomach pain, and improves liver and kidney functioning. It cures teeth disorders, cold and jaundice. It is also a cough- cure. It is especially favoured for toothache, headache and rheumatic pains.
16) Agate
These are available in Red, Yellow and White colours. Red is ruled by Mars, Yellow by Sun and White by Jupiter. It ensures brave and courageous. It protects against accidents and troubles through natural calamities. It also brings financial success.
17) Jaichint
It is of Orange colour. It is ruled by Rahu. It ensures good health, wealth and prosperity. It promotes good sleep. It protects against electrical shock. Diseases like plague, wounds and injuries get cured fast. It cures skin problems.
18) Onyx
It is beautiful Green in colour with Black or Green stripes on it. It is ruled by Mercury & Venus. It is helpful in curing common aliments afflicting babies. It promotes good sleep. In love marriage if one presents this to one’s partner, the wearer of this gem never changes his or her mind and become constant in mind. It drives away evil spirits and wards off evil eye. It cures troubles related to pancreas, spleen, cholera etc., This is a fortune-giving stone.
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