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Influence of Gems

Gems stones are useful for our health, longevity, name, fame, prosperity and all fortunes. In ancient times, kings and princes stored gem stones in their treasury to ensure prosperity. They also set these gem stones in jewellery and wore them with pride.

Gem stones have had different effects on the different people. There have been instances where childless women after wearing a particular gem began conceiving. Some kings got victorious in the battles by wearing some prescribed gems. Certain gem stones are known to have cured people of some diseases. As a result of these auspicious effects some ancient scholars began conducting research about these stones. Their experiments testified to the beneficial effects of gems and stones. This inspired different types of studies about gems, which developed as science of gemology. Thus Varaha Mihira, one of the greatest ancient scholars wrote a book about gems called Ratna Dipika.

Wearing correct gem stones at suitable times has proved very helpful in achieving success in wealth, health and other matters. There are so many gem stones in existence but of all these only nine gem stones are considered as ‘Precious Gems’

These are called the ‘Nav Ratna’. Although there are many gem stones in the world, these nine gem stones have been only given importance by our ancient people. These are powerful gems in reflecting the strength of planets, and also producing changes in our body.

The nine precious gems identified in this respect are Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Gomeda, Pearl, Cat’s Eye and Coral.

Of all these gems, Pearl and Coral are taken out from the ocean-while Cat’s Eye,Gomeda, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby are mined from the earth. The gems available from the earth have mineral content. In fact each gem has a prescribed content of minerals. Our body requires minerals for growth. Fi any mineral is deficient in our body we suffer from ill health depending upon the extent of the deficiency. To make up for this the physician could advice us to take some medicine which contains those minerals. If we take such medicines, our aliment would be cured. Similarly gems which have certain mineral content adjust our mineral deficiency and improve our health. Regarding medicine, it can cure only the physical ailment, whereas gems can help us master our difficulties, wealth, prosperity and also our fate.

Gems have the power to keep there minerals in a balanced state in our body.

The suitable gem which we choose to wear should touch our body. If we wear a suitable gem, the cosmic rays of the planet which is related to the particular gem enter our body through that gem, and produce good effect on us. We will get success in our life. This is called “Good Luck”.

How is it possible for a planet to affect a particular individual who has worn its particular gem stone, among crores of people in the world and produce its good effect ? How can that planet produce its good effect through a small and tiny gem stone ?

The vibrations produced by planets are always negative. But the vibrations power of the gem stone is always positive. When the negative meets the positive, they are both neutralised.

Human beings suffer in three ways. Physically, mentally and spiritually. Gems help by transmitting planetary rays into the body of the sufferer. When it is bot Sun or raining, we are using umbrella. The umbrella protects us from the hot rays of the Sun and also the rain. In the same manner, when we use the proper gem the negative rays of the planets are filtered by it and only the benefic rays are allowed to enter the body. Thus the gems act as a shield, and guard against the evil influences of the planets.



White Pearl
Red Coral
Yellow Sapphire
Blue Sapphire
Cat’s Eye
When radiation is applied to the above said planetary gem stones, they record the following wave lengths.

Red Coral
Yellow Sapphire
Blue Sapphire
Cat’s Eye

When compared to planetary vibrations, we got the following results in wave lengths.

Sun 65,000
Moon 65,000
Mars 85,000
Mercury 65,000
Jupiter 1,30,000
Venus 1,30,000
Saturn 65,000
Rahu 35,000
Ketu 35,000

All these planetary vibrations are negative. These negative current waves are neutralised with positive vibrations of the gems.

Gems should be set in rings to enable the planetary rays to pass right through the gem into our body. Numerology can guide a man to select the suitable gem.

Precious and Semi-precious Gem Stones

According tot he Indian Gemmology there are 84 gem stones. Among them the nine precious stones of Ruby, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Blue Sapphire, Red Coral, Gomeda and Cat’s Eye have been awarded distinct status. These are called the Nav Ratnas. The other stone are semi-precious stones. Some of the semi-precious stones are most powerful and they should not be considered as inferior to Nav Ratnas. In hardness, Iustre,clarity and radiation some of the semi-precious stones work wonderfully.

Nature of the Precious Stones or Nav Ratnas

1. Ruby : This is in red colour. Ruby is also found in rose, black, yellow and sky blue colours.
2. Diamond : This if found in white, yellow, red,blue and black colours.
3. Emerald : It is green in colour. The colour of peacock feather, the colour of parrot and the colour of grass blade are best qualities.
4. Blue Sapphire : This is found in dark blue, ordinary blue and light blue colours.
5. Cat’s Eye : This is found in yellowish or blackish colours. The stone has a visible shiining band inside which moves when the stone is turned.
6. Pearl : This is found in white, yellow, red or black colours.
7. Red Coral : Red Corals are fond in orange red colour, white corals are also available.
8. Yellow Sapphire : This is found in light yellow colour.
9. Gemeda : This is found in honey colour.

The Nature of Most Importand and Fortunate Semi-precious Stones

1. Turquoise : This is found in light blue colour.
2. Peridot : Litht green colour.
3. Tourmaline : It is available in white, red, green, and blue colours.
4. Topaz : This is found in smoky, yellow and golden colours.
5. Amethyst : Light violet colour.
6. Rock Crystal : It is found in shining white colour.
7. Moon Stone : This is found in white cloud colour. There is a shining band inside which rolls when the stone is turned.
8. Garnet : This is found in blackish red colour.
9. Neeli : This is in blue colour. It looks like blue Sapphire.
10. Aquamarine : Very light green colour.
11. Jade : Green without shining.
12. Blood Stone : Green colour with red spots.
13. Lapis Lazuli : Dark blue colour.
14. Kidney Stone : Lighty green colour.
15. Amber : Wheat like colour.
16. Agate : This is found in many colours and is considered auspicious by Muslims.
17. Jaichint : Oragnge colour. It is a stone for Rahu.
18. Green Onyx : It is in beautiful green colour.
19. Malachite : This is in green colour with white strips.

These semi-precious stones can be used as effective substitutes for the nine precious stones.
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