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Gems and Numerology

Gems can also be selected on the basis of Numerology. There are three ways of selecting gems through Numerology.
Based on the

1) Date on which a person is born.
2) Based on the total value of his name number.
3) Based on the month of his birth.

I. Let us discuss about the way in which a lucky gem is selected on the basis of Date of Birth.

1. Persons born on 1, 10, 19, 28 of all months are ruled by Sun (Surya). So they can wear Ruby, Star Ruby, Garnet, Peridot, Golden Topaz, Amber and get success in all ventures.

2. Persons born on 2, 11, 20, 29 of all months are ruled by Moon. They can wear Pearl, Moonstone, Jade and get success, mental peace, co-operation of others and a steady mind. They would get good sleep and improved circulation of blood.

3. Persons born on 3, 12, 21, 30 of all months can wear Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Tourmaline to get success in family life and social contacts. It brings intelligence, opportunities, popularity and material comforts in domestic life. It reduces disorders of chest and lungs.

4. Persons born on 4, 13, 22, 31 of all months can wear (Gomeda, Hessonite Garnet, Jaichint to get organisational power, discipline, justice, activity, energy, financial stability and gradual progress in life. It reduces the diseases of feet, knees and all types of urinary problems.

5. Persons born on 5, 14, 23 of all months can wear Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline; Green Onyx, Malachite to be blessed with writing skill, happiness, stability in finance, gains in business, speculation and travel. It makes them talented, Improves their diplomatic skills and eloquence. It helps in curing or controlling ailments related to liver, lungs and nerves.

6. Persons born on 6, 15, 24 of all months can wear Turquoise, Diamond, Spathic, White Tourmaline to get good education, material prosperity, quick marriage and harmony at home. It gives harmony, beauty and rhythm. It also ensures co-operation and sympathy from others. One would be adored by one and all.

7. Persons born on 7, 16, 25 of all months can wear Cat's Eye/Tiger Eye to get success, good health, wealth and spiritual upliftment. It also helps music composers, actors, inventors, scientists and research scholars in their professions. It brings orginality and an independent nature. It also reduces health problems such as nervousness, fever, boils etc.

8. Persons born on 8, 17, 26 of all months can wear Blue Sapphire, Blue Tourmaline, Star Sapphire, Lolite/Lapis Lazuli, to get good health, energy, luck, wealth, multiple profits and cultural development. It reduces the problems of ears, joints and teeth. It removes delays, poverty and obstacles.

9. Persons born on 9, 18, 27 of all months can wear Red Coral/Red Jasper/Red Tourmaline to get Success, healing, strength and boldness. It keeps one's temper in check and gives courage and resistance. One would lead a happy family life, and achieve wealth. It reduces the problem of kidney, piles and fever.

II. According to Numerology each letter has a value. If the total value is added it forms a single digit. Stones can also be selected on the basis of this single digit.
How to Calculate
First let us know the value of each letter    
  A, I, J, Y, Q = 1
B, R, K = 2
C, S, L, G = 3
D, T, M = 4
E, H, N, X = 5
U, V W = 6
O, Z = 7
F, P = 8
Now suppose the name of a person is JOHN KUMAR. It should be added with the method as follows.

1 7 5 5 2 6 4 1 2 = 32 = 5
So he should wear a stone for no 5
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