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Selection of Gem Based on Month of Birth

1. Persons born between 15th January and 15th February are ruled by Saturn. So they can wear Blue Sapphire/Emerald to get hick, happiness and financial stability. Health problems related to bile, joint pain, and nervousness would/be overcome.

2. Persons born between 15th February and 15th March are ruled by Saturn. So they can wear Blue Sapphire, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli to get honour, prestige and riches. These help in all types of kidney problems.

3. Persons born between 15th March and 15th April are ruled by Jupiter. So they can wear Yellow Sapphire, Amethyst, and Golden Topaz/Yellow Topaz. These would give them courage, success, generosity and control over fickle mind. These help in controlling insomnia.

4. Persons born between 15th April and 15th May are ruled by Mars. So they can wear Red Coral/ Garnet/Red Jasper/ Bloodstone/Red Tourmaline. These would give them dominance, energy, luck. These also help in reducing the problems of eyes, ears, teeth and inflammation.

5. Persons born between 15th May and 15th June are ruled by Venus. So they can wear Diamond/ Turquoise/White Zircon or Spathik. These would give them all kinds of luxuries, prosperity, generosity and endurance. These will help in reducing respiratory problems.

6. Persons born between 15th June and 15th July are ruled by Mercury. So they can wear Emerald, Aquamarine, Green Tourmaline, Onyx or Malachite. These would give them brilliance, profit in business and luck. These reduce psychological problems.

7. Persons born between 15th July and 15th August are ruled by Moon. So they can wear Pearl, Moonstone or Jade. By wearing these that can advance in industry. These give success in arts, speculation and occupation. These reduce gastric problems.

8. Persons born between 15th August and 15th September are ruled by Sun. They can wear Ruby/ Golden Topaz/Amber. These would give them dignity, success in bringing out talent, favors from government and good financial status. These reduce the feeling of fatigue.

9. Persons born between 15th September and 15th October are ruled by Mercury. They can wear Emerald, Green Tourmaline or Aquamarine. These bestow oratorical skills, enhanced profits and steady growth. These also reduce the problem of nervousness.

10. Persons born between 15th October and 15th November are ruled by Venus. They can wear Diamond, Turquoise or Spathic. These would give them charm, enthusiasm, energy and luxurious life. These reduce the impurities of skin and blood.

11. Persons born between 15th November and 15th December are ruled by Mars. So; they can wear Red Coral, Red Jasper or Cornelian. These bestow courage, energy, property and luck. These reduce throat problems

12. Persons born between 15th December and 15th January are ruled by Jupiter. So they can wear Yellow Sapphire/Yellow Jasper or Yellow Tourmaline etc. These would bring enhanced financial status, health and spiritual upliftment and also reduce joint pains.

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