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About Gems

From time immemorial gems have been used by people in different ways. It has curative power as well as the power to pour in fortune and drive away the evil of our planetary position. Certain gems and stones have magical powers of healing and fortune giving. Gems have made life happier to many individuals. These are widely used to get benefit from the planets as these little gems carry neverending source of rays of the planet and continue even after years. As per astrology and numerology gems counteract the bad effects of planets and get us luck, fortune, prosperity, status, knowledge, concentration, good health, name and fame.

Gems can be selected on the basis of our Zodiac or the star we are born under. Gems can also be chosen according to our names first letter, date of birth and month of birth.

It will be interesting to note that some gems have with them the perennial power to push us forward in an occupation. Many professionals, businessmen and service persons have been benefited from time immemorial by wearing the gem which increases their respective occupations and get them multiple profits and lessens the scope of loss and protect them from all adversaries. A person aspiring to join films can wear Cat’s Eye or Garnet by selecting it according to his date of birth or star and get to the top position. Similarly there is a gem for every occupation.

Gems work magically and do wonders when we make the ring at the appropriate period of the transit of planets, and after doing the necessary rituals.

Gems stones are useful for our health, longevity, name, fame, prosperity and all fortunes. In ancient times, kings and princes stored gem stones in their treasury to ensure prosperity. They also set these gem stones in jewellery and wore them with pride.

Gem stones have had different effects on the different people. There have been instances where childless women after wearing a particular gem began conceiving. Some kings got victorious in the battles by wearing some prescribed gems. Certain gem stones are known to have cured people of some diseases. As a result of these auspicious effects some ancient scholars began conducting research about these stones. Their experiments testified to the beneficial effects of gems and stones. This inspired different types of studies about gems, which developed as science of gemology. Thus Varaha Mihira, one of the greatest ancient scholars wrote a book about gems called Ratna Dipika.

Wearing correct gem stones at suitable times has proved very helpful in achieving success in wealth, health and other matters. There are so many gem stones in existence but of all these only nine gem stones are considered as ‘Precious Gems’

These are called the ‘Nav Ratna’. Although there are many gem stones in the world, these nine gem stones have been only given importance by our ancient people. These are powerful gems in reflecting the strength of planets, and also producing changes in our body.


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